Role: Marketing Fellow

About us:

Impact Africa Network (IAN) is a dynamic startup studio founded in Nairobi in 2019. Our mission is to empower young talented Africans to actively participate in the digital transformation of Africa as creators and owners. We are committed to fostering innovation and creating opportunities for economic growth and social impact. With a clear vision, we aim to create 10 Scaleups, 10K Jobs, and achieve a combined net value of $10 Billion by 2030. Check out our annual report for 2023 to learn more about us.

About Innovation Fellowship Program:

Our Innovation fellowship is unique a 12-month program for college graduates to work on well-vetted ideas with like-minded peers under the guidance of an experienced leadership team and mentor network with the goal to expand entrepreneur capacity while developing fundamentally sound early-stage startups.

The fellows benefit from real-time practical experience and exposure to a wide network of professionals relevant to succeed in their careers and become young leaders and entrepreneurs.


  • Support brand and product message development: Assist in developing brand messages and value propositions that effectively communicate the company's offerings to target audiences.
  • Assist in brand storytelling strategy: Contribute to the implementation of the brand storytelling strategy by conducting research, providing input, and supporting the execution of storytelling initiatives.
  • Aid in creating marketing materials: Collaborate with the design team and assist in the creation of marketing materials such as sales decks, brochures, flyers, posters, videos, presentations, and website pages.
  • Assist in product marketing content creation: Work closely with the marketing team to assist in creating relevant content such as blogs, articles, videos, and testimonials that educate and engage customers.
  • Support industry marketing events: Assist in organizing industry marketing events such as webinars, entrepreneurship events, and seminars, and provide support during these events to help generate leads for the sales funnel.
  • Conduct market research: Assist in conducting market research to gather insights, evaluate opportunities, and monitor industry trends and developments.
  • Other marketing support: Provide support in various marketing activities as needed, including administrative tasks, data entry, and coordination of marketing projects.

Key Skills:

  • Strong communication skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills to assist in crafting effective marketing messages and content.
  • Detail-oriented: Strong attention to detail to ensure accuracy and quality in marketing materials and content creation.
  • Collaborative mindset: Ability to work well in an agile team environment, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and contribute ideas and suggestions.


  • Marketing background (preferred): While extensive prior marketing experience is not required, a basic understanding of marketing principles or coursework in marketing-related subjects would be beneficial.
  • Passion for marketing: An enthusiasm for marketing and a desire to learn and contribute to marketing initiatives.
  • Educational background: Recent graduate or awaiting graduation in marketing, communications, business, or a related field

Our organization is an equal-opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all the staff.

If you are excited about becoming an innovation leader and developing your entreprenural skills, we would love to hear from you!